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Friends Come Together for Addie's Lemonade Stand

It's certainly not uncommon for kids to set out to earn a little cash during the summer. Some mow lawns; others turn to baby-sitting.
But if you're barely 10 years old, you're kinda limited to lemonade stands.
And that's exactly what a group of Syracuse fourth-graders did at the annual Germanfest celebration.
But this wasn't just any lemonade stand. This was Addie's Lemonade Stand, held in honor of a classmate who died March 26 after a short battle with leukemia.
And the kids didn't keep any of their profits.
Wanting to give back to the community, Addie's friends chose to put the more than $1,500 they raised toward the purchase of new playground equipment at the Syracuse Softball Complex.
Of course the kids couldn't pull all of this off on their own. A very special group of moms and dads helped with the planning of the lemonade stand as well as supervision on the day of the event.
Special thanks to Jo Weiler, Tammie Mead, and Angie Hiller who put a ton of time and energy into making the lemonade stand a sucess. Thanks also to Jim Clark for donating lumber and constructing the stand, WriteTime Communications for designing t-shirts and a beautiful banner. Terry's Family Foods for use of their electricity and water, the Margarita Man for letting us use his machines free of charge, and all the moms and grandmas who took the time to make all those delicious baked goods.
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