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If I had to pinpoint it, Addie's love for animals began with Ellen Miles' Puppy Place book series. She began reading the series in second grade. The books center around the lives of Charles and Lizzie Peterson and the dogs their family fosters.


If she'd had the chance, Addie probably would've packed up and moved in with the Peterson family. Since that wasn't a possibility, she settled for writing the author, inquiring about ways she could help animals the way Charles and Lizzie did.


She checked the Humane Society's website daily, often dropping not-so-subtle hints about the various dogs and cats that were up for adoption. She scoured Craigslist for critters like guinea pigs and hamsters and rabbits. Unfortunately for Addie, the answer was always 'no.' After all, we already had two cats, a dog, and two frogs. Yes, frogs. 

Still, Addie was undeterred. If she couldn't help animals through adoption, she'd do the next best thing: Raise money for the Humane Society.

The fund-raising efforts were limited only by the imagination of two 9-year-old girls. Lemonade stands. Spa days. Even cleaning the basement. And every last cent went to the Humane Society.

Plans to become a vet took shape and a fledgling pet-sitting business was born. There were flyers and business cards and the sweetest series of PSAs imaginable.

She had every intention of volunteering at the Humane Society when she turned 13. As her 10th birthday approached, it wasn't presents she was wanted. It was pet supplies.

Addie didn't see 13 or even 10, but her love for animals is alive and well in the people who knew her best and loved her most.

A love for animals

"Animals need help too."​

-Addison Hestermann

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Addie's Computerized Creations

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Live. Give. Love.

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